Self Defence Classes Melbourne

We all want to have the ability to protect ourselves in the face of danger. One never knows what’s waiting around the corner and it’s better to be prepared, but what happens if you seize up or do the wrong thing? Regardless of strength, size, or training experience, you can learn vital self-defense moves and techniques at Melbourne Martial Arts Clubs. Our self-defense classes will help you get out of dangerous situations and more importantly avoid them in the first place. We don’t just provide you with self-defense tactics but will empower you with safety tips such as being aware of your surroundings, watching the space around you as you approach your gate or car, and many other routines and personal security precautions.


At Melbourne Martial Arts Clubs, our devoted instructors combine experience and knowledge of law enforcement into their practice to provide you with urban defensive tactics that can be used by both men and women. These are aimed at giving you the upper hand so that you can surprise an attacker and get away before a situation escalates. Our instructors are also trained in a variety of disciplines such as Karate and Kali and can transfer their knowledge, expert advice, and training to you. It’s practical, effective, and easy to learn.

Our self-defense classes are suitable for adults and teenagers conducted in a safe, controlled, and user-friendly environment. We have a culture that fosters togetherness, community, responsibility, and mutual respect. With these values, we know that you’ll find comfort in taking our classes.

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