Teen & Adult Karate Classes Melbourne

kids and adult karate MelbourneTeen and Adult Karate Classes Melbourne

Karate for adults is a great way to get fit and healthy! Regular exercise ensures we remain healthy, supporting our backs and prolonging health, not to mention making us feel generally inspired and motivated!

Adult karate is a great all-around workout.

Karate uses all muscle groups and a variety of concentric exercises, meaning that as muscles contract they also extend, giving that lean look, while also building strength and speed.

Regular karate training and its aerobic training have been proven to slow down the deterioration of cognitive functioning in old age. Evidence shows that the combination of aerobic exercise and movements requiring coordination and balance maintains or improves cognitive functioning.

Studies have found karate helps to enhance attention, resilience, and motor reaction time, proving that five months of regular karate training yields ‘a a significant improvement in motor reactivity, stress tolerance, and divided attention’.

Longer karate training periods produce even better results, which means regular, sustained training is even healthier than one might think.

At a conscious level, the practice of karate is a learning challenge to attain coordination, precision, physical balance, strength, etc. In this sense, karate gives a personal sense of accomplishment for being able to learn a skill.

At a less conscious level, karate challenges attitude and behavior by promoting a sense of humility, ethics, and self-discipline, through the role-based social structure of the dojo. The dojo’s social system demands trust and respect toward a teacher, and new students naturally develop admiration toward other students. Self-development occurs as a result of the karate student’s ‘readiness to learn, given this social structure.

At a subconscious level, karate promotes concentration, internal power, self-awareness, and self-knowledge. Students learn to breathe and to meditate in karate. At the beginning and at the end of karate lessons, students sit to meditate.

At an advanced level, karate movements provide the structure to practice meditation in movement. At its best, karate is, as masters have stated over and over before: a way of life.

Advanced Karate Program Melbourne

Training for self-defence is one thing; being able to apply and use what you learn is another…

The Advanced Program is designed to accelerate your training by continuing to build upon the foundations learned from the beginner's training whilst adding the Practical and Tactical aspects of our style.

In the practical aspect of the Advanced Program, you will learn how to apply the classical tools and techniques you have developed in a structured, controlled situation. By providing the context and guidelines of the situation and what you can perform, greatly increases your confidence and comfort level, allowing you to concentrate on your execution and technique.

While continuing to develop your fundamental skills and apply them in practice drills, you will also start to develop your tactical skills. In the Tactical aspect of your program, you expand the practical application by removing some of the structure and guidelines of previous training sessions and begin to drill reality-based self-defence situations.


  • Expand and add more fundamental techniques and forms so you can solidify your training and gain a deeper understanding of the roots of our style.
  • Learn dynamic practical self-defence drills so you learn how to apply your techniques in a way that works in a self-defence situation.
  • Drill live tactical situations so that you can build confidence and see what works and what doesn’t in a self-defence situation.
  • Develop tactical skills so that you can move and apply your self-defence skills in a live situation, without hesitation or thought.
  • Learn principles of weapons defence (Kali) so that you understand the principles behind defending against a bladed weapon, stick or club, and firearm.
  • Discover how to defend against multiple attackers so that if you are ever caught in that situation so you don’t panic and know what to do.
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